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Four new PXI chassis were recently introduced, offering a range of price/performance options. Two of the new chassis provide high performance, Gen 3 capability and a high capacity cooling system in 18-slot and 10-slot sizes. When used with Keysight’s PXIe high-performance system modules and PC host adapters, the Gen 3 chassis enables up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC, an industry first.   The lower cost options include a re-designed version of the popular Gen 2 18-slot chassis and a Gen 1 5-slot chassis.  The Keysight PXI chassis line-up now includes:    High performance, Gen 3 with high speed x8 PCIe links to each slot:

  • M9019A Gen 3 PXIe 18-slot chassis, ideal for multi-channel, high performance manufacturing applications such as MIMO and PA/FEM.
  • M9010A Gen 3 10-slot chassis for lower channel count benchtop R&D and design validation applications.

Lower cost options, Gen 1 and 2:

  • M9018B Gen 2 18-slot chassis provides cost effective multi-channel capability for applications when Gen 3 performance is not required.
  • M9005A Gen 1 5-slot chassis comes with an integrated system module.  This chassis is perfect for small, low cost applications.


18-slot PXIe Chassis data sheet

M9010A PXIe Chassis data sheet

PXI Chassis and Controllers web page


Take advantage of these new PXI chassis with high-performance to low-cost options! 

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