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The 122 GHz bandwidth is a world-record for oscilloscopes!

Are you working on 400 Gb Ethernet Internet Infrastructure, or run a high-end research lab such as universities and other institutions? Then you may want to know about the fastest oscilloscope in the world. Keysight is excited to report that the new N1046A remote heads will ship with a 122 GHz setting!

The 122 GHz bandwidth is a world-record for oscilloscopes. No competitor has anything above 100 GHz. Bandwidths settings are traceable up to 110 GHz. The 122 GHz setting is an extrapolation and therefore a characteristic (non-warranted) performance specification. If a customer wants traceable bandwidths or well-matching differential channels, then they should use the 100 GHz or a lower setting. If a customer wants the highest possible bandwidth (sometimes called “unfiltered”) then Keysight offers the 122 GHz setting.


For more information: Contact NSCA Tra-Cal  or call 1-888-280-6722 if you have questions.

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