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Acterna TTC JDSU 2000 Test Pad with T-BERD 2207


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The Acterna TTC 2000 is one of our used Test Pads with the T-BERD 2207 DS1 Test Set.

Monitor and perform BERT testing & voice quality of your network.
Verify proper network routings and signal delays.
Ensure high quality transmission and signaling performance of T1 voice trunks.

Performance Characteristics of the TTC2000 Test Pad

Form Factor: Mainframe
Optical Test Interface:
Electrical Test Interface:
DS1 Drop & Insert to DS-3: Option
DS-1/DS-3 Drop & Insert to SONET: Option
DS-0 Drop & Inster to DS-1: No
DS-0 Drop & Insert to DS-3/SONET: No
OC-48 Through Mode: Option
ATM Testing: No
Stratum III Clock: No
SONET VT1.5,DS-3,ATM Mapping: No
VBR, CBR, UBR Shaping: No
ATM QoS Measurement: No
DCC Drop & Insert: No
ATM VP/VC & OAM Support: No
ATM 250 Channel Tx & Rx: No
ATM HEC Error Generation & Analysis: No
Raw BITS Output From SONET: No
Fractional T1 (nx56/nx64) Drop & Insert: Option
VF Channel Drop & Insert Test: Option
Alarm and Status LEDs: No
Alarm Status Monitoring: No
Alarm Generation: No
Loop Backs: No
Display Type: Mono CRT

Programmability/Connectivity of the TTC2000

User Interface: Proprietary

TTC2000 Compliance

CE Compliance: Not on file
UL Compliance: Compliant

TTC2000 Power Requirements

Input Power: Not required
Battery Requirement: 11 V
Battery Life: 2 hrs

TTC2000 Physical Dimensions

  • Width: (N/A)
  • Height: 190 mm(7.48 in)
  • Length: 57 mm(2.24 in)
  • Weight: 2.3 kg(5.07 lb)

TTC T-BERD 2207 DS1 Test Set

DS1 Physical Layer Testing

Whether provisioning or troubleshooting T1 service, often the first step is to verify proper circuit operation throughout the network by testing the physical layer. Typical requirements include BER testing, signal, alarm, and timing tests to ensure proper performance of T1 network connections.

BER testing is typically conducted from the customer premises at an NIU or HTU-R. To identify and sectionalize circuit problems from network equipment faults, the 2207 provides the capability to monitor and perform BER testing in both directions of a circuit simultaneously. The use of standard or user-programmable loopcodes to loop-back network equipment allows for further sectionalization of network troubles. In addition to commonly used BER testing patterns such as QRSS, the 2207 also offers several industry-recommended advanced stress patterns, including 55 Octet and T1 Daly to ensure network performance.

Advanced timing analysis allows the technician to pinpoint signal delays, timing slips, and mismatches between switch and remote equipment.


Standard calibration with a 90-day warranty included. Please contact us for additional calibration service prices.

NIST-Traceable Calibrations

Standard Calibration Price (without data): Request a Quote
ANSI Z540 Calibration Price (with as-found & as-left data): Request a Quote
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Calibration Price (with data & uncertainties): Request a Quote
ANSI Z540.3 with data & uncertainties and Guardbanding: Request a Quote
Test & Measurement Equipment Repair Services: Request a Quote

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Acterna TTC 2000 Test Pad Datasheet

T-BERD 2207 Datasheet