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New Keysight High-Frequency 40/50/53GHz USB/LAN Power Sensors

New Keysight High-Frequency 40/50/53GHz USB/LAN Power Sensors

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Fastest and widest dynamic range power sensor for any modulated signals.

On December 1, 2019, the new Keysight U/L205x/6x X-Series USB/LAN & L2065XT LAN TVAC wide dynamic range power sensors was introduced. These power sensors address power measurement needs in most applications especially 5G, satellite, and mmWave. Keysight added 9 new models with more frequency offerings for USB and LAN interfaces. As an example, the L2065XT LAN peak and average power sensor meets TVAC (thermal vacuum chamber) compliance requirement and Keysight offers option 053 for an extended frequency of 10M – 53GHz for 50GHz series power sensor. The newly released X-Series USB and LAN power sensors provide market-leading dynamic range, measurement throughput, and repeatability.

L2065XT X Series USB LAN power sensorThe 9 new peak and average wide dynamic range power sensors include:

  • U/L2054XA 10M – 40GHz, USB/LAN Average power sensor
  • U/L2055XA 10M – 50GHz, USB/LAN Average power sensor
  • U/L2064XA 10M – 40GHz, USB/LAN Peak and Average power sensor
  • U/L2065XA 10M – 50GHz, USB/LAN Peak and Average power sensor
  • L2065XT 10M – 53GHz, LAN Peak and Average power sensor with TVAC compliance

Key Power Sensor Features:

  • USB/LAN connectivity with wide dynamic range, 90 dB (-70 to +20dBm) for small signal measurements
  • Long-distance remote monitoring with the World’s first TVAC (Thermal Vacuum) compliance PoE/LAN 53GHz power sensor (L2065XT)
  • Real-time measurement with zero dead time
  • Ease of use –Internal zero and calibration, built-in trigger in/out; reduce time from first measurement and simplified measurement setup
  • Super fast measurement speed (50k readings/sec)
  • Average and peak power measurement capability, 5MHz VBW
  • Average mode internal/external triggering time-selectivity function allows full dynamic range for average and time selectivity average power measurements
  • Long memory up to 1Mbyte and variable sampling rate of 1 M samples/sec specified by WLAN ETSI EN 300 328 V1.8.1 compliance requirement


These new power sensors help improve power test and measurement capabilities for mobile handset, base station, wireless backhaul, satellite components and calibration applications. These improvements address the need for a fast, repeatable, wide dynamic range power measurement option that is flexible enough to test any device under test and cover a wide frequency range. Connectivity choice (USB or LAN) provides flexibility for power measurements. The new LAN power sensor enables long-distance power measurements. Keysight’s BenchVue PM application is included with each power sensor, which provides real-time data analysis tools with easy viewing, capturing and exporting data and screenshots of multiple channels power measurements.

BenchVue Application included

Mobile Handset (chipset, PA)


  • < 6 GHz
  • Need fast and repeatable power measurements down to -45dBm to reduce cost of test and increase throughput.


  • Wide dynamic range down to -70dBm
  • Very repeatable power measurements
  • Cost-effective solution without compromise (equivalent to bench power meter)
  • USB plug & play simplified test setup
  • Space savings for your test rack

Satellite Base Station


  • Mostly to 18/33/40/53GHz
  • Need long distance remote monitoring of satellite ground station.
  • High frequencies, wide dynamic range coverage.
  • TVAC (Thermal Vacuum) compliance for minimal outgassing.


  • Enable long-range, multi-channel operation
  • PoE connectivity enables remote control from any part of the world via network
  • Wide dynamic range down to -70dBm with TVAC qualified model
  • Light weight and small size
  • Plug and play simplified test setup
  • Easy to carry for field applications.

Long-range Antenna Test WLAN ETSI (Compliance Test)


  • < 6 GHz
  • Multi-channel RF power measurement
  • 1Msample/sec data capture meets compliance requirement


  • Variable sampling rate 1 Msamples/sec meeting ETSI compliance
  • Multiple sensors fulfilling multi-channel measurement
  • Simplified setup
  • Hassle-free calibration – internal zeroing
  • Long-range measurements with USB-to-LAN hub


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