A dependable and accurate spectrum analyzer is a vital tool in any field that has to interpret and measure signals that vary greatly in amplitude or frequency. In industries that need to process a multitude of fast RF signals quickly without missing a single one, a real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) is a much preferred version of this invaluable tool. The Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) is proud to introduce our reliable, real time compact spectrum analyzer model RTSA7500 series: a proven, tested solution guaranteed to provide accurate, real time analysis and results.

Since 1963, we’ve been on the cutting edge of providing our worldwide partners with precise, reliable and top-quality testing and measurement instrumentation, and our spectrum analyzer is no different. A PC controlled compact spectrum analyzer, the RTSA7500 can be used anywhere with a wireless network to suit your specific needs, whether that is in the field or during manufacturing. Capable of providing spectrum analysis in a 100 kHz to 8, 18, or 27 GHz frequency range, the RTSA7500 includes a spectrum graph display, power spectral density display, and a three dimensional spectrogram view display, triggering, I/Q plots, recording, and playback – all in real time.

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