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High speed, scalable, small form-factor power measurement systems

Keysight’s New BV9200B Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software along with their portable, flexible, modular N6705 DC Power Analyzer offer fast and easy power measurement capabilities. R&D engineers performing current drain analysis and test engineers performing automation testing require power measurement systems that can provide long-term measurement, complex waveforms generation while synchronizing with multiple products. These requirements pose challenges in the fast-paced test environment where they need to capture current drain measurements from seconds to days at up to 200,000 measurements per second directly to a PC, create complex waveforms to stimulate or load a device-under-test (DUT) by importing waveform data, and sequence multiple output disturbances.

Next generation BV9200B and BV9201B software includes part of PathWave BenchVue software platform and offers flexibility with other available applications. The PathWave BenchVue BV9201B and BV9200B Control and Analysis Software for Advanced Power Supplies gives you fast and easy access to the advanced sourcing and measurement functionality of your N6705 DC power analyzer, N7900 Series power supplies and RP7900 Series regenerative power system without any programming.

This new software offers an updated user interface, new advanced data analysis features, and automation capability. The BV9200/01B replaces the popular 14585A with additional capability!


What’s New?

  • BV9200B – connect up to 4 instruments
  • BV9201B – connect 1 instrument
  • Additional arbitrary sequence and waveform functionality
  • Additional level trigger functionality
  • Exporting data selection
  • N6790A series electronic load support
  • Licensing options – transportable, node-locked, USB transportable and floating
  • Supports API – Automation programming interface
  • Similar functionality as 14585A

N6700 Modular Power SystemThe N6705 DC Power Analyzer low-profile modular power supply is Keysight’s most popular system used in all industries. The DC Power Analyzer is used to measure current consumption of battery power devices (IoT, Mobile Phones) in product development. The N6705 DC Power Analyzer is used for Testing IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as; security and alarm systems, smart watches and wearable health monitors, portable medical devices and Power Management (PM) chips and circuits.


Automated test equipment (ATE) systems often require more than one power source. The Keysight N6700 Series provides up to four outputs per mainframe. An independent module is the source for each output, allowing for the customization of voltage, current, and performance. DC electronic load modules are also available, allowing testing of power sources in the same 1U high mainframe.

  • Choose from 400, 600, or 1200 W mainframe
  • Modular solution with 1U low-profile
  • Up to four outputs per mainframe
  • Mix and match module power and performance levels
  • Choose modules from three levels of performance
  • Sink current with DC electronic load modules
  • Fast command processing and settling times
  • Interfaces available — LAN (LXI Core), USB, GPIB

Together, Keysight’s New BV9200B Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software and the N6705 DC Power Analyzer offer powerful measurement solutions!

Learn more about the New BV9200B Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software and the N6705 DC Power Analyzer measurement solutions and all they offer by providing fast and easy measurements. See datasheet below.

BV9200B-PathWave-BenchVue-Advanced-Power-Control-and-Analysis-Software Datasheet

N6700 Modular Power System Family Datasheet


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