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5G NR X-Series App And Signal Analyzers
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Keysight’s PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications — The industry’s broadest offering of measurement applications for benchtop and modular signal analyzers for cellular communications, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, and general purpose are now available for select Keysight Signal Analyzers. NSCA and Keysight are here to help customers accelerate the speed of design, test, and manufacturing.

The X-Series applications are proven, ready-to-use measurements for signal analysis that let you see and understand the performance of your general purpose,  cellular communication, wireless connectivity and aerospace/defense devices and designs simplifying complex tasks and delivering repeatable results. With the X-Series applications, you can get measurement results faster to address your signal analysis design and test requirements.

  • Address ever-changing measurement needs with over 25 signal analysis applications
    • Cellular Communications
    • Wireless Connectivity
    • Digital Video
    • General purpose
  • Characterize device performance from parametric – phase noise, noise figure, pulse – to the latest wireless standards-compliant measurements including 5G, LTE, IoT, and WLAN.

N9054EM1E X-Series VMA Custom OFDM Measurement Application


Simplify Analysis with One-Button Measurements

  • Intuitive front panel multi-touch user interface for measurement setup
  • Speed time-to-market with familiar remote control SCPI commands to automate in manufacturing
  • Measurement Capabilities
    • Power Spectrum Measurements
    • 5G NR Downlink Modulation Analysis
    • 5G NR Uplink Modulation Analysis
  • Hardware Connectivity
    • X-Series Signal Analyzers (Multi-touch, B model)
    • UXA N9040B/41B
    • PXA N9030B
    • MXA N9020B
  • Modular Platforms (Multi-touch, B model)
    • M9393A PXIe VSA
    • M9393A + M9203A Digitizer
    • M9391A PXIe VSA

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Keysight’s PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications




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