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Keysight Technologies Delivers High Performance PXE EMI Receiver

Keysight Technologies Delivers High Performance PXE EMI Receiver

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Keysight extends frequency coverage to 44 GHz to address EMC compliance testing requirements

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Keysight’s news on their new PXE EMI Receiver was listed in RF Globalnet’s Top 10 News Stories.  Keysight recently extended the company’s N9048B PXE Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Receiver from 26.5 to 44 GHz, enabling customers to meet current and emerging compliance testing requirements according to various standards bodies, including MIL-STD-461G and FCC Part 15.  These improvements were made to address the needs of the cellular (5G) and automotive industries to leverage higher frequencies and deliver new applications requiring increased spectrum resources to carry large amounts of data at faster speeds.

Keysight N9048B PXE EMI ReceiverKeysight’s PXE is a standards-compliant EMI receiver and diagnostic signal analyzer that provides the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability needed to test with confidence. Now supporting a frequency range of 2 Hz – 44 GHz, Keysight’s PXE EMI Receiver delivers:

  • Sensitivity performance that allows detection of small signals close to the noise level, common in EMC compliant radiated emissions measurements, enabling customers to identify emissions caused by their device.
  • Full compliance with CISPR 16-1-1:2019 and MIL-STD-461G (2015), ensuring devices comply with new worldwide and regional standards.
  • Time domain scan (TDS) and accelerated TDS capabilities to meet dwell measurement requirements while reducing receiver scan and test time from multiple hours to seconds.
  • Full signal visibility, where the real time scan (RTS) provides gapless signal capture and analysis in up to 350 MHz bandwidth and simultaneously displays the frequency domain, time domain and spectrogram, with three EMC detectors enabling customers to better understand their signals.

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