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Introducing The New Keysight DAQ970A/973A Data Acquisition System And DAQM909A Digitizer

Introducing the New Keysight DAQ970A/973A Data Acquisition System and DAQM909A Digitizer

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Sample More Signals, Faster, and Dynamically

DAQ973A Data Acquisition SystemIn February, Keysight launched a new data acquisition system with multi-channel measurements using sensors for design validation and condition monitoring for industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications. As feature sets expand, electro-mechanical devices become more complex in terms of design, integration, and characterization. The new data acquisition system provide faster signal measurements to help when you need to test the physical and electrical parameters of your product, you need high precision, complete communication interface flexibility, and the simplest way to automate your test sequences. With the new data acquisition systems, you can continue to get precision measurements across the widest range of signal types with industry leading scan and reading rates, without the need to write your own program. You can even perform dynamic data acquisition with the new 4-channel, simultaneous sampling digitizer to design and characterize your electro-mechanical products.

Key features/improvements include:

  • NEW DAQ970A/DAQ973A Data Acquisition system with USB, LAN and GPIB has high quality switching and advanced 6 ½ digit DMM built-in that allows you to measure fast and accurately.
    • Fastest reading measurements up to 50,000 readings/sec and scan rates up to 450 channels/sec with high resolution.
    • 1 million points scanning memory (DAQ970A/DAQ973A with new firmware)
    • The autocalibration compensates for internal drifts in the internal DMM or on DAQM907A multifunction module caused by time and temperature change.
    • Built-in internal module calibration reduces thermal voltage offset errors.
    • The new 6 ½ digit DMM allows you to measure very low current ranges (1µA DC current and 100µA AC current) and higher resistance range (1000 MΩ range).
  • NEW DAQM909A: Dynamic data acquisition with new 4-channel simultaneous sampling digitizer with up to 800 kSa/s sampling rate per channel
    • Sample rates can be set from 100 kSa/s (frequency domain) to 800 kSa/s (time domain) with 24-bit resolution.
    • Each channel can be independently programmed to one of four input modes, and current source settings.
    • Three modules are capable of being synchronized together to provide 12 channels of simultaneous digitization.
    • Applications: electro-mechanical components design validation and characterization, power analysis, acoustic measurement and analytics, condition monitoring
  • NEW: Enhanced BenchVue DAQ (Time/frequency domain support) included
  • Code compatible with 34970A/34972A
  • High performance static and dynamic measurements with new modules

Easily Configure and Automate with Benchvue Testflow for Test Automation

time and frequency measurements screenshotAutomate test sequencing with the built-in Test Flow program, without textual programming.

  • Integrate multiple instruments to create synchronized automated test.
  • Together with full automation instrument control via Command Expert, you can get deeper test automation while simplifying your workflow.

Enhancements to Benchvue DAQ

Waveform Measurements for Digitizer

Frequency domain measurements

  • FFT, THD, THD-N, SINAD measurements
  • Basic FFT signal analysis for evaluating frequency content
  • Frequency domain chart sample size up to 1M samples

Additional time and frequency domain analysis functionality to add more value to customers

  • Additional time domain and amplitude domain measurements, scope-like
  • Time sample size up to 50M samples

Technical Overview
Effective Monitoring and Streamline Testing Using a DAQ – White Paper
Practical Temperature Measurements – Application Note


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