FROM:  Jim Carroll, Quality Assurance Manager

SUBJECT:  Profile and Agreement for Calibration

Equipment Profile:

Please summarize the types of equipment being submitted for calibration.

Documented Calibration Procedure, Service & Data:

Tra-Cal features three levels of calibration as described below, all with an unbroken chain of traceability
to NIST standards.  Unless otherwise stated, Tra-Cal standard calibration is completed at Level 2.

Type of Calibration & Data Set Deliverable: 

Calibration service and data deliverable are performed based upon customer needs.  Tra-Cal Standard Calibration is defined below in Level 2.  Should our customer’s data needs require ANSI-Z540 or ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Tra-Cal is an accredited lab in performing these levels of service and will furnish all associated data.  Please note that Level 3 and Level 4 services carry a premium charge.

Level 1

Calibration Type: Spot Check of Instrument Operation, and Limited Sample Point Evaluation of Cal

Service/Data Deliverable: Not a Standard Tra-Cal Offering. We will perform limited calibrations by written request and agreement… See description in subsequent ‘Limited Calibration’ section.

Level 2

Calibration Type: Tra-Cal Standard Cal.  Full Calibration to OEM Specifications for all modes of operation and all identified instrument options. Default, if no other service is specified on Purchase Order.

Service/Data Deliverable: Comprehensive unit test and evaluation against precision reference standards. Comprehensive unit test and evaluation against precision reference standards. Includes – Internal unit cleaning & preventive maintenance, as appropriate, some small battery and/or fuse replacement at no additional charge.  Data – As Found and As Left Data provided on parameters found out of calibration.  Data not furnished on parameters in tolerance. Certificate – A written Certificate of Calibration will be furnished meeting Tra-Cal Quality System guidelines. Affixed Label – Tying the unit to cal records.

Level 3

Calibration Type:  ANSI-Z540

Service/Data Deliverable: Same as Level 2 service process, adds ‘As Found’ and ‘As Left’ data in for ALL parameters.  A written Certificate of Calibration will be furnished meeting ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and Tra-Cal Quality System guidelines.

Level 4

Calibration Type:  ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Service/Data Deliverable: Same as Level 3 service process and data, adds documented uncertainty computations for each measurement against lab standards.

Calibration Procedures:

The hierarchies of traceable documentation we utilize are as follows: (Default, if no other service is specified on Purchase Order)

  • First Preference is OEM Manufacturer Calibration Procedure
  • Second Preference is Military Specification Calibration Procedure
  • Third Preference (and final default) is Tra-Cal engineered Test and Calibration Procedure

If you wish to deviate from these specifications we must have your requirements in writing,
in advance of performing the calibration.  Please identify any deviations you wish to have us follow on your Purchase Order.

Calibration Interval:

Unless noted on the Purchase Order or in writing, Tra-Cal uses 12 month as our default for the calibration internal.

Limited Calibration:

Some equipment may require or be subject to Limited Calibration due to limitations of the unit under test and/or the Customer’s application.  This is to be discussed with the Lab Manager or OnSite Program Manager prior to proceeding with Certification.  All changes will be captured in writing and will be reflected in associated documentation.   Depending on the substance or degree of the limitation, this quote may need to be revised.

Calibration Certificate:

Tra-Cal will furnish the appropriate documentation set as specified in the Calibration Service provided (Standard, ANSI-Z540 or ISO/IEC 17025:2005). The supplied Certificate of Calibration will include date calibrated, date due for recalibration, technician name, standards used and certificate number tying label to documentation, measurement equipment and standards.   Additional data (such as ANSI-Z540 or ISO/IEC 17025:2005) can be supplied with advance notice at an additional fee.

Environmental Requirements:

  • Tra-Cal Lab Tra-Cal Lab environment is regulated to a range of  19.5 °C to 26.1 °C (67.1 °F to 78.98 °F),  with a rate of change not exceeding 1 °C per hour.  Relative humidity is regulated to a range of 25% RH to 65% RH.
  • OnSite Service OnSite service events have the ambient temperature and humidity recorded at the
    time of equipment stabilization and calibration service.  If the environment is not suitable for OnSite calibration, the Program Manager will recommend a course of action to the Customer.
  • Special Environmental Requirements Do you have any supplemental/special environmental requirements for the calibration of your equipment?  If so, please identify on the Purchase order.  If  not, Tra-Cal uses our default above.


All calibrations are traceable through NIST or another appropriate NMI to the SI reference standards with an unbroken chain of traceability.  In the unlikely event of upstream nonconformity or any break in the traceability chain, you will be notified immediately and furnished with options to choose your course of action.  If equipment must be re-calibrated due to an error on Tra-Cal’s part, you will not be charged for that re-calibration.

Business Process

Calibration Timeframe:

  • Laboratory Service Turnaround time for Tra-Cal Standard Calibration on most equipment is 5-10 business days.  If you need shorter turnaround time, please contact us.  We will work to accommodate your timeframe.  Additional charges may be incurred.
  • OnSite Service We will work with you to structure an OnSite calibration event for large facilities with suitable equipment.  Please contact us, we will evaluate your roster and present you with a program plan.  Some equipment may not be suitable for OnSite calibration, and will need to be transported to Tra-Cal Laboratory, to the OEM or Tra-Cal partner lab.


  • Shipping and taxes are not included in the price of Calibration or Repair services unless requested by the customer.  For your program, would you like for us to price shipping into the quoted price or would you prefer to have shipping charges show as a separate line item? Any notes for Pickup/Delivery or OnSite service: Please add to Purchase Order or in writing.
  • Please identify your preferred commercial carrier with the account number.  Include this information on your purchase order.
  • All customer equipment received at Tra-Cal will be kept in a secure location while in Tra-Cal’s possession. Tra-Cal only accepts responsibility for equipment physically in Tra-Cal’s possession.

Secondary Operations & Repair:

  • Out of Calibration Units found to be functionally operational, yet out of calibration tolerance and which are able to be returned to ‘within tolerance’ using basic adjustment and procedures will typically be returned to the calibration state as a customer service with no additional charge.  The ‘As Found’ and ‘As Adjusted’ parameter will be recorded as described in the ‘Data Set’ section.
  • Realignment Units found to be functionally operational, yet out of calibration tolerance and not able to be returned to ‘within tolerance’ using basic adjustment and procedures may need updates and baseline realignment.  This can be the case if a unit was improperly maintained or incorrectly adjusted over a period of years.  For these units, Tra-Cal will furnish an estimate for installing updates and performing baseline realignment for all adjustments on the unit.
  • Functionally Inoperable Units found to be functionally inoperable or unable to be returned to ‘within tolerance’ even with realignment may need repair.  Repairs are not considered a part of the Calibration service cost.  If repair is required, the customer will be notified before any further work is performed.  See ‘Repair’ below…
  • Repair Units found to be functionally inoperable or deemed in need of repair by customers, will first be evaluated.  Tra-Cal will quote an evaluation fee, and upon approval, will commence with the evaluation of the unit, leading to an estimate for returning the unit to operation.  In many cases the estimate will be complete, in some cases the estimate may have secondary charges (for example, a unit with a bad power supply may surface other problems after the power supply is restored). If the customer wishes to proceed with repair, the evaluation charge is credited to the repair charge. However, if the customer wishes to not have the unit repaired, only the evaluation fee will be assessed and the unit will be returned in the non-repaired, non-calibrated state.
  • Batteries/Fuses All commonly used “AAA”, “AA”, “C”, “D” and 9 volt batteries of carbon zinc, zinc chloride or alkaline materials will be replaced free of charge, when necessary, as part of calibration and repair actions. Any battery/cell made of lithium, mercury, nickel-cadmium or lead acid and/or batteries/cells, which are rechargeable, are excluded from this policy. Fuses under $2.50 will be
    replaced free of charge except when removal and/or installation is considered complicated. The
    customer will be notified if fuses cost more than $2.50 or removal and installation is complex enough
    to warrant charges.
  • Outside Service/Subcontracting In the event Tra-Cal is unable to perform all or part of a required calibration and/or repair, Tra-Cal has the right to sub-contract the verification. Tra-Cal is responsible for ensuring the sub-contractor meets all quality requirements of the customer. Traceability will be established on Tra-Cal’s documentation.


  • Quality System Tra-Cal is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited, Registered and fully ISO-9000 compliant. Unless requested by the client, Tra-Cal, LLC does not take into account the Uncertainty of Measurements when making statements of requirement. When this is requested by the client, Tra-Cal, LLC follows the ILAC G8 procedure. We adhere to and follow ANSI –Z540 and MIL-Std 45662 guidelines for quality calibrations.  All metrology and repair services are performed by qualified personnel whose work is subject to quality inspections in accordance with Tra-Cal Quality Program and of our Registrar.
  • Uncertainty ConsiderationsPer the above paragraph, please indicate how you wish Tra-Cal,
    LLC to handle any Uncertainties on your ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Calibrations. Please add this to your Purchase order, if nothing is added,  Tra-Cal will use the default method.
  • (Default) I do not want the Uncertainties taken into account when making statements of requirement.
  • I want the Uncertainties taken into account when making statements of requirement.  Please provide the method you wish to be applied in taking the uncertainties into account using a method other than that described by IG8.

TRA-CAL, LLC will use the default method unless otherwise stated.

Other Terms & Conditions:

  • Warranty Tra-Cal warrants calibration and certification accuracy at the time of calibration. Subsequently, the accuracy will depend on factors such as care exercised in handling the instrument and frequency of use.  Recalibration should be performed after a period which has been chosen to ensure that, under normal circumstances, the instrument accuracy remains within the desired limits. All repair workmanship is covered under a 90-day warranty. Replacement parts used in repair are warranted for 30-days or manufacturer’s published warranty, whichever longer.  Incidental and consequential damages are not covered.
  • Limited Liability Tra-Cal’s total liability is limited to the individual purchase order/contract value. Where blanket purchase orders are accepted, Tra-Cal’s liability will be limited to individual task/call dollar amount per incident.
  • Delay in Service Tra-Cal is excused, by customer, from performance for the following reasons under this agreement: Acts of God (fire, storm, accident, earthquake, etc…), Customer employee work stoppage or lockout, Acts of negligence by customer, customer’s employee(s), or contractors and Supplier Delays.
  • Offers of Employment Tra-Cal recruits, invests, and trains top quality talent. It is understood and agreed by our customer that no offers of employment will be made to Tra-Cal employees who have been assigned to work at the customer’s facility until twelve (12) months from the last day that the customer requested work under the agreement.  Should a customer hire a Tra-Cal employee within this timeframe, the customer will be asked to remit 60% of the employee’s annualized salary.
  • Security Interest Tra-Cal will invoice accurately and promptly, and we expect customers to pay in that manner.  If customer payments are not received, and are due beyond 90 days, the customer POC named above will be notified, all work for the customer will be halted and Tra-Cal will retain any customer property in its possession as a security for the amounts due.  If the situation is not corrected and the payments become due beyond 120 days, Tra-Cal reserves the right to sell such property, applying the proceeds toward the balance due.
  • Payment Information Work will not commence until we are ‘under contract’ by having your PO or acceptable payment arrangement complete.  Once work commences, equipment will not be shipped or delivered until hardcopy PO or payment elements are received.
    • You will be invoiced upon completion of the work and/or shipment of your equipment. Payment is due upon receipt.
    • Customers may utilize Net 15 terms with established credit.
    • Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.  All prices quoted include a 3% discount for cash, check, COD, and wire transfer or net terms. All payments are in US Dollars.